Recent buys - London♥

OKAY OKAY, so I've been travelling a lot lately - not that it's my excuse for not blogging, but it's part of the reasons why.
I went to Copenhagen with Meeah this weekend, to party all night. Turned out great ! Or ... most of the things I said, I don't remember. But I do know who I was with and where I were. Met up with Ted for example - at one point he disappeard, and all of a sudden he was there again. Hurra for blackouts. I don't have any nice pictures of that night - at least not worth sharing - so u'll have to do with my shopaholic-outburst in London last week. I actually categorized the items this time; mixed-and-matched how I wear it:

- u'll probably notice that I bought alot from All Saints and River Island - but come on! The stuff they make is SO awesome! Abt. the first picture here; I didn't buy the ring and the leggins during my stay in London, but I had them with me and wore them with it, so I figured I'd post them next to the other itmes.

Again; alot of River Island - if not, only! lawl. No, okay there's a pair of faith shoes and the perfume 1million. It's insane how cheap they sell their perfumes overthere, I mean ... i pay approx. 75£ for my Bvlgari Black perfume, but when u get oversesas it's like 45£ - crazy or what!

um, yea okay. So tell me which's ur favorit ? cause .. I have no more to write right now.
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Finally !

"Det glæder mig at fortælle dig, at du er optaget som studerende ..."



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⌒♡+゚Celebrating Jill ♥

Hello guys So yesterday I attended to Jills' bday party - we went to surfbar just to chill out and have a good time. It was really nice. I met some of Jill's friends that I've never met before, and they were fun hanging around. Simone(the weird-looking-lesbo to the right in the picture) also came, and I haven't seen her in like ages. So it was nice catching up a bit.

Jill is the though-guy-looking, strawberry-face man in the picture :D))) Last time I hung out with her, was around the time I got my tattoo, so there was a lot of catching up with her too.
I was working until 16 o'clock, so Mia came to pick me up and then we got ready together. She was so beautiful as u can see. Though she didn't think so herself. She did my hair and it was like, amazing! I didn't really take any pictures where u can see it, but she made cornrows in my left side and made the rest of the hair really, really big. So awesome ! I really wish I had a pic of it, but ... I was too busy looking stupid in all of them, lawl.
And of course; when Mia and I decided that it was about time to go home, Rillo joined - Rillo from my high school years, who I haven't seen in 543584368436843684years !! So I only managed to give her a hug and then I was out the door - too bad. Would've been fun to hang around her again. 
Anyways, I had a really good time THANKS GUYS! Looking forward to next time.

That's all I really have for now.


Quite ♥ Cute.

Hello I know I just pulled myself together to post again finally, but I honestly spent too much time on the pictures - finding/photographing them, editing, taggin', etc. - to feel like blogging anymore. I got so tired during it *fail* I'll try overcome that, but bear with me. So here goes:
So I finally got my tattoo! It's so awesome and I'm really glad I got it - had a lot of concern; was it the right spot for what I wanted, and could it be possible to make it as I wanted it. But I'm very satisfied, I didn't turn out as I though it would, but it's much better, so ... The tattooist who made it is named Charlotte. She's really cool and fun hanging around, so I felt very comfortable letting her do it. Though I had to keep my cool and not laugh, cause I got it on my stomach/ribs and any movement could make her hand slip. 

I've also done some shopping - of course - and I really just need to show off two things, cause I really wanna share it with other makeup-mania-freaks and shopaholics(not that I am one ....) ANYWAYS! so, before my tattoo-appointment, Mia and I went around in CPH as always, and we came across MAC's new collection Quite Cute. All the colors and the designs reminds me so much of something that could have been taken straight out of Harajuku - I don't know much abt. the collection, but I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration originated there. If u don't already own anything from the collection, I would definitely recommend u'd buy some of it asap. - if u're into the colors and all, ofc. - It's limited edition, and won't be made again. The lipstick I bought - the lavender-purple-ish, aka. cremesheen AB0 - srsly smells like candy and is unbelievably soft. Definitely one of my best buys for the lips!

I've also bought this Bllack noir cardigan. It's really awesome! U can make several looks with it, cause u can have it open or close it in like, four different ways. And it was Bllack noir, I mean, it was so cheap! Dunno why I never see anyone buy anything there; I that brand so bad ! But I guess there's more for me then *satisfied* I know the cardigan looks kinda brown, but it's really black. Dunno why it came out that way in the pictures - must be the light ....
Btw., I got formspring nau. lawl, but seen how good I am at blogging and updating twitter, I'd probably won't answer any questions, unless they're like three months old. 

Take care


In bed with Spiderman♥彡

Hello readers I obviously have a very boring and monotone life; or I'm too busy with living to blog. Guess it's a bit of both, depending on when u catch me. It only feels like yesterday; I posted last time, but clearly it wasn't. I couldn't even remember the freaking password when I wanted to log on today. Either I'm losing it, or I'm srsly getting ooold(I'd stick with the second option).
 Anyways, the reason why I really wanted to post right now is because I just got something so amazing, that I can't keep it to myself. Say what u want, but I'm a serious fan of Spiderman - and I just bought this:

I also bought one for Mia, cause she's just as much a fan, as I am.
Haven't got anymore for now, so ... baiiBTW. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK, hahahaaw!


Reviews #1

Hello Still trying to keep my promise abt. bloggin' as much as possible - but these days my mood doesn't allow me to write much. I won't give u any details, cause they would probably confuse u more than it would give u a reasonable explanation. Anyway; I've been reading kinda a lot lately, compared to what I've read in a long time. So I though I'd tell u a little abt. the good books that I've come across. Let's start with my least favorite of two: It's titled Fallen. It's abt. a 17-year-old girl called Luce. After her boyfriend's mysterious death, she's placed in a boarding school for difficult adolescents. Here she meets and fall in love with the handsome, mysterious - and in the beginning; arrogant - Daniel. Luce is haunted by creepy shadow-creatures, who she thinks is the cause of her late boyfriend's death. She discovers that Daniel is a fallen angel and their love story goes way back. Every 17th year she returns to Daniel - same appearance, same personality, same passion for Daniel - but this time something is different and she can no longer be reborn into the normal cycles that keeps the earth in balance. Now she's faced with a otherworldly war between good and evil. I'd only recommend this for anyone with loads of patience; the story starts of very slowly and the first half consist mostly of personal characteristics, environment descriptions, longing and wondering. The language is fluid and straightforward. ★★★★★
The second one is titeled HUSH HUSH(forelsket i en engel) - This is another novel(or series?) to the many teenagers who devour vampire- and high school-series. It will without a doubt, easily find its audience. Anyways; this time it's 16-year-old Nora. Constantly within a personal crisis: she is so attracted, but at the same time utterly frightened by mysterious Path, who suddenly becomes har partner in biology class. Strange things starts to happen after they meet, and she's either becoming completely insane or someone is truly following and trying to kill her. The language is kinda knotty and cumbersome, and the characters are not very reliable, but the exciting action and romantic atmosphere sure got to me! Wouldn't recommend it if u're touchy when it comes to the language, but if u're willing enough to look pass that u'll discover that the story leaves u hungering for more. ★★★★

This is my first time reviewing anything so bear with me, kkthxbaii


♥ Supa- luv ⌒♡+゚

Okay okay, February didn't go as planned when it comes to blogging. But I'm gonna try something new: and that is to blog in English. Not saying that I'll do much better with number of posts I make, but I promise to at least try. Since the last post - where I actually wrote something - I've been doing all sorts of things. School isn't much better so I'll just leave that part out. But I've celebrated my brother's 18th bday Which was waay awesome! Didn't even know he knew that many people lawl. Of course Mia & Kasper were invited so I hung out with them and a few drinks. Then we met a girl called Kim - she was cool. 
 Today Mia and I met up after class - of course ! I was supposed to find a gift for a very good friend of mine and she wanted to help me out, so I thought I'd treat her with dinner. None of us had the chance of getting any breakfast this morning so we were kinda starving and ordered A LOT! Even the waiter looked at us like he never seen anything like that, haha! And we were like "yea, well we're hungry, OKAY!". And to be honest, I couldn't even finish my plate this evening. After lunch we went hunting for the present - we found something kinda awesome! And I won't tell u yet in case she actually read this, cause then there'll be no surprise, right~ but any girl would know how to spent this. And of course I don't go anywhere without spending a little on something for myself, so I bought some Wonka candy It's so unbelievable amazing ! It's like fireworks in ur mouth, the taste just explodes. So mega delicious, omg. Also, I needed to refill my hair-product storage and I just received a giftcard to Matas from the one I was buying the gift for, so I went crazy.
Yea, I kinda like got2be products. That's the only product that actually make my hair stay the way I want it. Tomorrow after work I'm going to Metropol to see the school I'll attend to after the summer holidays with Mia. Looking forward to it


Dirt&glitter cover the floor-

 Yea, I'm still here. Though I might not seem so active atm., but some day I'll explain ... btw. I really like the rainbow colous and the unicorns ↓↓↓




Presents from Japan★彡

Det starter godt ud her i Januar med at få blogget - feels gooood~ Though, så har jeg lagt mærke til at jeg faktisk ofte kun blogger når jeg har købt noget nyt crap. Men det jo nok fordi der ikke sker nok nyt og spændende hele tiden til at kunne udfylde det tomme med tekst. Og hvis du rent faktisk er læser af hvad jeg skriver, så tænker du nok "hvad har hun nu købt!?". Denne gange har jeg formået at smide en masse penge efter eyelashes - eyelashes to die for Jeg har tidligere faktisk kun brugt Illamasqua og Girls Aloud, og nu synes jeg så at det var på tide at prøve noget andet. Illamasqua har egentlig altid været fave, men nogle af dem jeg har købt har jeg ladet mig fortælle, skulle være mega awesome - så hvorfor ikke.

I morgen skal jeg hjem til Mia sammen med Kasper til en special occasion, som jeg af gode grunde ikke kan nævne hvad er hvis jeg gerne vil beholde min krop i dens current condition. lawl on Mia Men jeg glæder mig rigtig, rigtig, rigtig meget !! Også til kage og film, +at jeg skal møde noget af hendes familie for første gang. Det bliver awesome much Anyways, Kasper er her og skal ikke vente på mig længere, så baiii~

Btw., I got a free gift - lawl my gawd


♪ ♫ Burlesque&Puri ♥

Hei Jeg er kommet mig over mit fail layout - lavede trods alt et der var mere udemærket end det første. Nu er det jo også Aoi's lipz, der er på så helt værst kan det heller ikke være Ikke meget er sket siden sidst - kedeligt, much! men jeg har det godt nok alligevel. Jeg har overvejet at droppe japansk timerne fuldstændigt. Jeg er der jo dybest set kun for at være solidarisk med Mia, hvilket jo også er godt nok. Det bare ikke særlig fedt at bruge tiden der, når der er så mange andre ting jeg kunne lavet i stedet. Og da specielt ikke når ens lærer tvinger en til det hele, når man siger at man virkelig ikke har lyst. Jesper er cool nok, det slet ikke det, men jeg har jo givet op. Og jeg er klart for langt bagud til at kunne catche up på noget som helst. Though, ville det også føles lidt forkert at skulle lægge noget fra mig, som jeg har kæmpet så længe og hårdt for. Plus at det jo altid ville være naice faktisk at kunne kommunikere med de mennesker som bor i Japan, når man nu er på visit. Apropos, så fik det mig til at kigge billederne igennem fra turen, og jeg havde helt glemt hvor fantastisk det var at lege i purikura maskiner.
Back in the days - with short fugly hair, buuh~ [2008 - Japan].

lawl, MUCH. men det var jo sjovt og jeg ville så gerne gøre det igen. Den gang kunne jeg alligevel ikke snakke med dem, og det gik jo fint. Synes bare det tough at skulle arbejde 37hrs/week og så have skole ved siden af på 9hrs/week. Det lyder måske ikke af meget, men dagene er virkelig lange. Det altid fun i mellemtimerne, ofc! Men det også fordi at jeg har Mia by my side jo. Og vi laver altid fun I går var vi feks. inde at se Burlesque - og hvad sker der for en underrated film. Selv havde jeg ikke forventet meget, og måske derfor blev jeg positivt overrasket - men hvordan kan man være så skuffet over glimmer ? I don't get it ! Jeg synes den var naice og virkelig underholdende. Det synes Mia også at jeg var, eftersom at jeg kastede en STOR pakke popcorn ned på gulvet, hvorefter at jeg fik manden bag disken til at feje dem op for mig. hih, det var nu pænt af ham. Anyways, jeg vil godt anbefale den til alle der elsker kliché-historier, overdosis af glimmer og Christina Aguileras sang stemme - go enjoy it !


⌒♡+゚New layout.

Hai Hvad sker der for at man bruger en hel dag på at lave et layout, fordi at man rent faktisk har tiden og lysten til det, og så ender det bare med at blive den værste omgang lort nogensinde set ! Jeg er slet ikke tilfreds på nogen måde - det eneste der er blevet forbedret fra sidste layout, er farven. Purple is so much better. men det stadig bare så langt fra tilfredsstillende. Og nu gider jeg ikke mere! Would somebody just please make me a nice layout, ffs. Det gamle var godt nok mere simpelt, men knap så "jeg er 3årog leger i paint". +At der var så meget mere glimmer.

Jeg gider ikke skrive mere - heller ikke engang en short update.


Lookin' sick & sexyfied ☆

Hello u guys &GODT NYTÅRRrh~ !! Håber at I kom ind i det nye år lige så godt som jeg selv gjorde Mit blev fejret herhjemme med alt for mange gæster, men ikke desto mindre var det rigtig, rigtig hyggeligt og med mega god mad.
Indtil videre har 2011 faktisk kun stået på arbejde - det er dog også kun d. 4. Bortset fra i dag selvfølgelig, hvor jeg har været i skole - sådan noget af tiden da, lawl. Jeg kom forsent til kemi, fordi vi før jul skulle møde 8.30, det er så blevet lavet om til kl. 8.00 i stedet. Jeg var heldigvis ikke den eneste der kom lallende midt i undervisningen. Så mødtes jeg jo selvfølgelig med Mia bagefter, hvor vi tog ind på strøget for at finde den Karen Millen taske jeg har ønsket mig i like forever nu ! Jeg ville have købt den hos asos.com efter nytåret, men så var den pludseligt udsolgt. Egentlig troede jeg at vi ville komme ud på en alt for lang tur; Men den stod jo lige der på hylden, som det første sted man så når man trådte ind ad døren hos Karen Millen. Og ikke alene var den på den på tilbud ! Original prisen i butikken var 2.150,- og var sat til 1.790,- på asos, men jeg fik den fuckme til 1.050,- hvor vildt er det ikke lige?! Selvom jeg selv står i butik bliver jeg altid så overrasket over at alt er nedsat i januar, alle andre steder. Anyways, here's a picture ↓↓↓

Apropos udsalg - så havde jeg ikke tænkt mig at lade Bllack noir biksen i Illum passere, når nu der jo alligevel var udsalg. Så selvfølgelig tog vi derop; og de havde satme 40% på alle jakker og 30% på alt andet (men undtagelse af deres s/s 2011 kollektion, ofc. ) Så der kunne jeg heller ikke holde kortet i pungen, og kom derfor hjem med en mega lækker lammeskinds jakke. På billederne kan man slet ikke se hvor naice den er, men den er virkelig let at have på og varmer endda også. Here's my new baby: ↓↓↓

(Bøjlen er selv-importeret, lawl)

Så var det jo at Mia, Kasper & jeg havde aftalt at hænge ud i weekenden - og dertil skal der jo også være lidt. Så jeg købte det nye Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock og Tekken 6 Platinum til min PS3-baby Oooog, så kunne jeg ikke lade være med at købe second season af The Mentalist - Simon Baker stod jo bare og smilede til mig fra det cover. Så unfair ! Og slet ikke til at stå for.
Though, alt i alt har jeg haft en mega god dag. Selvfølgelig også fordi det hele foregik i Mias selskab. Glæder mig ubeskriveligt meget til weekenden; Kasper, Mia, games, slik, iført nattøj - yes yes yes !!