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Okay okay, February didn't go as planned when it comes to blogging. But I'm gonna try something new: and that is to blog in English. Not saying that I'll do much better with number of posts I make, but I promise to at least try. Since the last post - where I actually wrote something - I've been doing all sorts of things. School isn't much better so I'll just leave that part out. But I've celebrated my brother's 18th bday Which was waay awesome! Didn't even know he knew that many people lawl. Of course Mia & Kasper were invited so I hung out with them and a few drinks. Then we met a girl called Kim - she was cool. 
 Today Mia and I met up after class - of course ! I was supposed to find a gift for a very good friend of mine and she wanted to help me out, so I thought I'd treat her with dinner. None of us had the chance of getting any breakfast this morning so we were kinda starving and ordered A LOT! Even the waiter looked at us like he never seen anything like that, haha! And we were like "yea, well we're hungry, OKAY!". And to be honest, I couldn't even finish my plate this evening. After lunch we went hunting for the present - we found something kinda awesome! And I won't tell u yet in case she actually read this, cause then there'll be no surprise, right~ but any girl would know how to spent this. And of course I don't go anywhere without spending a little on something for myself, so I bought some Wonka candy It's so unbelievable amazing ! It's like fireworks in ur mouth, the taste just explodes. So mega delicious, omg. Also, I needed to refill my hair-product storage and I just received a giftcard to Matas from the one I was buying the gift for, so I went crazy.
Yea, I kinda like got2be products. That's the only product that actually make my hair stay the way I want it. Tomorrow after work I'm going to Metropol to see the school I'll attend to after the summer holidays with Mia. Looking forward to it

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Maria May sagde ...

I really like got2b hairproducs too <3 i just think the hairpowder smells like poo >~<

meeah ☆ sagde ...

tak for i går bby <3 det var awesome as always :')

Sky High Heels sagde ...

Det slik ser lækkert ud <3