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Hello Still trying to keep my promise abt. bloggin' as much as possible - but these days my mood doesn't allow me to write much. I won't give u any details, cause they would probably confuse u more than it would give u a reasonable explanation. Anyway; I've been reading kinda a lot lately, compared to what I've read in a long time. So I though I'd tell u a little abt. the good books that I've come across. Let's start with my least favorite of two: It's titled Fallen. It's abt. a 17-year-old girl called Luce. After her boyfriend's mysterious death, she's placed in a boarding school for difficult adolescents. Here she meets and fall in love with the handsome, mysterious - and in the beginning; arrogant - Daniel. Luce is haunted by creepy shadow-creatures, who she thinks is the cause of her late boyfriend's death. She discovers that Daniel is a fallen angel and their love story goes way back. Every 17th year she returns to Daniel - same appearance, same personality, same passion for Daniel - but this time something is different and she can no longer be reborn into the normal cycles that keeps the earth in balance. Now she's faced with a otherworldly war between good and evil. I'd only recommend this for anyone with loads of patience; the story starts of very slowly and the first half consist mostly of personal characteristics, environment descriptions, longing and wondering. The language is fluid and straightforward. ★★★★★
The second one is titeled HUSH HUSH(forelsket i en engel) - This is another novel(or series?) to the many teenagers who devour vampire- and high school-series. It will without a doubt, easily find its audience. Anyways; this time it's 16-year-old Nora. Constantly within a personal crisis: she is so attracted, but at the same time utterly frightened by mysterious Path, who suddenly becomes har partner in biology class. Strange things starts to happen after they meet, and she's either becoming completely insane or someone is truly following and trying to kill her. The language is kinda knotty and cumbersome, and the characters are not very reliable, but the exciting action and romantic atmosphere sure got to me! Wouldn't recommend it if u're touchy when it comes to the language, but if u're willing enough to look pass that u'll discover that the story leaves u hungering for more. ★★★★

This is my first time reviewing anything so bear with me, kkthxbaii

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meeah ☆ sagde ...

the books sounds awesome. very good reviews! i really want to read the books now :D so thank you for posting this.. i look forward to read reviews of the other books you'll read :D