Recent buys - London♥

OKAY OKAY, so I've been travelling a lot lately - not that it's my excuse for not blogging, but it's part of the reasons why.
I went to Copenhagen with Meeah this weekend, to party all night. Turned out great ! Or ... most of the things I said, I don't remember. But I do know who I was with and where I were. Met up with Ted for example - at one point he disappeard, and all of a sudden he was there again. Hurra for blackouts. I don't have any nice pictures of that night - at least not worth sharing - so u'll have to do with my shopaholic-outburst in London last week. I actually categorized the items this time; mixed-and-matched how I wear it:

- u'll probably notice that I bought alot from All Saints and River Island - but come on! The stuff they make is SO awesome! Abt. the first picture here; I didn't buy the ring and the leggins during my stay in London, but I had them with me and wore them with it, so I figured I'd post them next to the other itmes.

Again; alot of River Island - if not, only! lawl. No, okay there's a pair of faith shoes and the perfume 1million. It's insane how cheap they sell their perfumes overthere, I mean ... i pay approx. 75£ for my Bvlgari Black perfume, but when u get oversesas it's like 45£ - crazy or what!

um, yea okay. So tell me which's ur favorit ? cause .. I have no more to write right now.
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