In bed with Spiderman♥彡

Hello readers I obviously have a very boring and monotone life; or I'm too busy with living to blog. Guess it's a bit of both, depending on when u catch me. It only feels like yesterday; I posted last time, but clearly it wasn't. I couldn't even remember the freaking password when I wanted to log on today. Either I'm losing it, or I'm srsly getting ooold(I'd stick with the second option).
 Anyways, the reason why I really wanted to post right now is because I just got something so amazing, that I can't keep it to myself. Say what u want, but I'm a serious fan of Spiderman - and I just bought this:

I also bought one for Mia, cause she's just as much a fan, as I am.
Haven't got anymore for now, so ... baiiBTW. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK, hahahaaw!

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Sky High Heels sagde ...

Cool <3 Især at det lyser i mørke !