Quite ♥ Cute.

Hello I know I just pulled myself together to post again finally, but I honestly spent too much time on the pictures - finding/photographing them, editing, taggin', etc. - to feel like blogging anymore. I got so tired during it *fail* I'll try overcome that, but bear with me. So here goes:
So I finally got my tattoo! It's so awesome and I'm really glad I got it - had a lot of concern; was it the right spot for what I wanted, and could it be possible to make it as I wanted it. But I'm very satisfied, I didn't turn out as I though it would, but it's much better, so ... The tattooist who made it is named Charlotte. She's really cool and fun hanging around, so I felt very comfortable letting her do it. Though I had to keep my cool and not laugh, cause I got it on my stomach/ribs and any movement could make her hand slip. 

I've also done some shopping - of course - and I really just need to show off two things, cause I really wanna share it with other makeup-mania-freaks and shopaholics(not that I am one ....) ANYWAYS! so, before my tattoo-appointment, Mia and I went around in CPH as always, and we came across MAC's new collection Quite Cute. All the colors and the designs reminds me so much of something that could have been taken straight out of Harajuku - I don't know much abt. the collection, but I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration originated there. If u don't already own anything from the collection, I would definitely recommend u'd buy some of it asap. - if u're into the colors and all, ofc. - It's limited edition, and won't be made again. The lipstick I bought - the lavender-purple-ish, aka. cremesheen AB0 - srsly smells like candy and is unbelievably soft. Definitely one of my best buys for the lips!

I've also bought this Bllack noir cardigan. It's really awesome! U can make several looks with it, cause u can have it open or close it in like, four different ways. And it was Bllack noir, I mean, it was so cheap! Dunno why I never see anyone buy anything there; I that brand so bad ! But I guess there's more for me then *satisfied* I know the cardigan looks kinda brown, but it's really black. Dunno why it came out that way in the pictures - must be the light ....
Btw., I got formspring nau. lawl, but seen how good I am at blogging and updating twitter, I'd probably won't answer any questions, unless they're like three months old. 

Take care

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Sky High Heels sagde ...

Ei, jeg bliver nødt til at kigge på den make-up en dag :DD

Blusen er osse super fed, kan virkelig forestille mig hvordan du vil coordinere den <3

meeah ☆ sagde ...

love your new tattoo <3 it's amazing :D

can't wait to see you wearing the new lipstick. it's so awesome :D