⌒♡+゚Celebrating Jill ♥

Hello guys So yesterday I attended to Jills' bday party - we went to surfbar just to chill out and have a good time. It was really nice. I met some of Jill's friends that I've never met before, and they were fun hanging around. Simone(the weird-looking-lesbo to the right in the picture) also came, and I haven't seen her in like ages. So it was nice catching up a bit.

Jill is the though-guy-looking, strawberry-face man in the picture :D))) Last time I hung out with her, was around the time I got my tattoo, so there was a lot of catching up with her too.
I was working until 16 o'clock, so Mia came to pick me up and then we got ready together. She was so beautiful as u can see. Though she didn't think so herself. She did my hair and it was like, amazing! I didn't really take any pictures where u can see it, but she made cornrows in my left side and made the rest of the hair really, really big. So awesome ! I really wish I had a pic of it, but ... I was too busy looking stupid in all of them, lawl.
And of course; when Mia and I decided that it was about time to go home, Rillo joined - Rillo from my high school years, who I haven't seen in 543584368436843684years !! So I only managed to give her a hug and then I was out the door - too bad. Would've been fun to hang around her again. 
Anyways, I had a really good time THANKS GUYS! Looking forward to next time.

That's all I really have for now.

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Jill sagde ...

Seriously WOMAN! you shouldn't have the right to be near a camera.... most dorky photo evaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhh1!!!!

But I forgive you, just because I know I got even funnier photos of you... all I'm saying is BURKA!

mia ai sagde ...

Next time we gotta make sure that we have some good pics of your hair :D lawl. <3
But it was fun evening. As always ^^